This tutorial will show you how to get started with the Smart Energy Meter IoT Kit which includes the Renesas RL78/I1B, Renesas RX111, Medium One Cloud services and IoT workflows. What you need to get started: RL78/I1C MeasureIt! Kit (Order here) RX111 YWireless Kit (Order here) Opto-isolation UART module WiFi InternetContinue Reading

In this tutorial, we will explain the steps to send MQTT messages to Medium One’s sandbox using a client application. Required: Medium One Sandbox account [Buy-Here] MQTT username: (see instructions) MQTT password: (see instructions) MQTT broker: MQTT port : 61620 Estimated time: 10-20 mins Prerequisite: Please go through ourContinue Reading

This tutorial will show you how to update your Microchip board’s firmware. This ensures that you are using the latest version, which may include additional features or bug fixes. Items needed: IOT Ethernet Monitoring Kit + Power Cable Microchip PICkit3 In-Circuit Debugger Microchip’s Integrated Programming Environment (MPLAB IPE) This isContinue Reading

July 11-14, 2016 Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas Medium One partners with Saritasa to demo the IOT Ethernet Monitoring Kit. Come see how you can connect your sensors to the cloud in a few simple steps! Extract data intelligence using Medium One and view it on your mobile device using Saritasa.Continue Reading

  When would I need to reflash my board? If your board is connected to a power source but the heartbeat (LED D5) is not blinking after power-on, then the firmware may need to be reflashed. Note that the heartbeat LED may not blink if a sensor module is notContinue Reading

  Create a Whack-A-Mole game with Samsung ARTIK and Medium One In the following tutorial, you will learn how to create your very own Whack-a-Mole game as seen in our booth at the Samsung Development Convention earlier in 2016. The game essentially combines Samsung’s ARTIK modules and Medium One’s Data IntelligenceContinue Reading

AUTHOR:  Dan Dang Whenever the phrase “machine learning” is mentioned, one might be inclined to think of artificial intelligence, which then leads to thinking of the movie “Terminator”, and then needless panicking ensues. There is no need to worry because machine learning doesn’t mean the end of the world. However,Continue Reading

AUTHOR:  Dan Dang Internet of things (IoT) is an industry growing exponentially as billions of connected devices are expected to be implemented in the coming years. Smart devices are now monitoring temperature, humidity, acceleration, vibration and much more, generating massive amounts of data that need to be analyzed in someContinue Reading

AUTHOR:  Dan Dang Have you ever found a nearby restaurant on Yelp, or checked-in on Facebook from a theatre, how about driving home using Google Maps? Well all of these use one common piece of technology, and that’s geolocation. Geolocation is changing the way we experience the world and howContinue Reading

AUTHOR:  Chandrabh Akireddy As we observe today’s widespread use of wearable fitness devices, individual data-driven training programs, and advanced workout machinery, technology is, without a doubt, becoming an integral part of the health and fitness industry.   What does embracing the Internet of Things (IOT) mean for business owners ofContinue Reading