This introductory guide will teach you how to easily connect WeMos ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module to Medium One cloud via UART for ultra-rapid IoT prototyping. Contact to request a free WeMos Wi-Fi module. About the ESP8266 and Medium One firmware: The WeMos module loaded with Medium One firmware will allowContinue Reading

This tutorial will show you how to easily connect Amazon’s Alexa-controlled device to Medium One cloud without any additional hardware. You will utilize Alexa’s voice control interaction with Medium One. The example used in this tutorial is quite trivial; you will ask Alexa to generate a random number. Per yourContinue Reading

Date: April 9, 2017 Author: Medium One   This document describes how to set and compile the Microchip IoT Monitoring kit, to generate a hex image file, and to flash the board.  These instructions are for Mac OS. For Windows, please refere to this project and readme    Continue Reading