Microchip Flashing Instructions

This tutorial will show you how to update your Microchip board’s firmware. This ensures that you are using the latest version, which may include additional features or bug fixes.

Items needed:

  • IOT Ethernet Monitoring Kit + Power Cable
  • Microchip PICkit3 In-Circuit Debugger
  • Microchip’s Integrated Programming Environment (MPLAB IPE)
  • Binary files, separated by OS to avoid compilation errors:
    • Binary hex file for Mac: (Download – Last updated April 9, 2017)
    • Binary hex file for Windows: (Download – Last updated April 9, 2017)

Flashing Instructions:

  1. Start off by connecting the PICkit3 to your Microchip board as pictured below.
  2. Power up your Microchip Board by via the USB cable connected in the red box below. The other end of the USB cable doesn’t need to be plugged into a computer; any power source will work.
  3. Connect the USB from the PICkit3 to your computer
  4. Open MPLAB IPE. Note that this is different than MPLAB IDE.
  5. Select the options below and click “Apply”, and then “Connect”. Note that for the device, you can type in the name to find the correct name faster. For the tool, DEFAULT_PIC3 may be a serial number.

– Family: 32-bit MCU’s (PIC 32)

– Device: PIC32MZ2048EFM064

– Tool: PICkit3 S.No : DEFAULT_PIC3


4. Click the “Browse” next to “Source” field and then select the .hex file you downloaded here.

5. Click “Program” and wait for board to finish programming. This may take 5-10 minutes.


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